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Urban Photoessay: #37 “Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb”

There was a time when I visited as many museums as possible, but nowadays, I love more the outdoors and urban street life. Butttttt, I never say no to modern/contemporary art museum. One of my ‘to do’ museums in Zagreb … Read More

Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb (Part 5)

In my fifth and last episode of “Street Art Around The globe : Zagreb”, I’ll take you for a virtual tour along the Branimirova Graffiti Hall of Fame.  A project that was launched in 2011. Location: Ulica Kneza Branimirova.

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Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb (Part 4)

Already the fourth episode of Zagreb’s Street Art scene:)! The second location that Maja from Zagrebee Tours advised me was to have a look at the University Student Centar on the Savska Cesta 25 (pretty close to Medika:) ). Just … Read More