It’s already my sixth blogpost about “The Crystal Ship”, a Street Art Festival that is being  held in my hometown Oostende (Belgium). The previous blogposts were about murals painted in the first 2 editions (2016 and 2017), my “The Crystal Ship” blogpost of today is about the edition of this year.

A few days ago (Tuesday), I cycled to the port district (really love to cycle through our maritime heritage). Just before I entered the portarea,  I couldn’t believe my eyes! Two artists (ZOER & Velvet) were painting a gigantic side facade of a sports hall! From now, the 2018 edition has now officially started:).

 Zoer on the World Wide Web (Zoer is also known as “Zoerism”).

Velvet on the World Wide Web

Location:  Sporthal De Spui Dokter Eduard Moreauxlaan 3

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  1. I appreciate your enthusiasm! Keep up the good work and don’t eat too much icecream during your riding trips near the beach, the wind is strong in Oostend. 🙂 🙂

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