Street Art Around The Globe: Santiago De Chile (2)

First of all,  really hope you all had a nice christmas celebration with friends and relatives!

My  christmas celebrations are done for now… and what to do now? Instead of watching Mary Poppins, Sounds Of Music or Macaulay Culkin stupidities:), upload a new photogallery of Santiago’s Street Art Scene. Most of the pictures were mainly taken in the Providencia Area, novembre/decembre 2016. Enjoy those murals and graffiti of Chile’s capital. This is also my entry for the WPC: Collage


13 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Santiago De Chile (2)”

  1. This must be an amazing experience, to walk among these. Apart from the girl – which is mind-blowing – the ‘no octopus’ and the whale stand out, but there are so many that I’ve enjoyed. Great stuff!

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