Today, much better weather then yesterday(with this I mean-> not raining)! So I managed Street Art spotting In the Sternschanze Area, KarolinenViertel and St Pauli district. Had a blast, love those streets,buildings, murals and street life! After hours and hours walking in the streets, time to go get back to my hostel and after my dinner, back outside with my camera for some nightshots.

Less time for my pictures post-processing today but don’t worry… gonna be uploaded soon. But there is one creation, that I can share already. To start my evening walk, took the U-Bahn to Überseequartier metro stop and when I got out of the metro I noticed this huge stairwell, what could be interesting for a new HDR (High Dynamic Range) shot! It’s not often I try HDR photography… but really hope you all  like this shot.

 Stairwell @ U-Bahn Station Überseequartier Hamburg


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