My Hometown Oostende #8: “Ostend at Anchor”

Let’s finish the week with a new photo gallery? Last weekend, I’ve been twice  our local maritime event “Oostende voor Anker/Ostend at Anchor”. It’s an event with a lot of ships, vessels, folklore, music and attract so many visitors(250.000). More info about this event: Oostende voor Anker. Many backpackers/tourists are crazy about the beauty of Brugge/Bruges, so why not combine Bruges with a visit to my hometown Oostende and have stroll on this maritime event next year(next edition: 10/05 till 13/05)? 



21 thoughts on “My Hometown Oostende #8: “Ostend at Anchor””

  1. Those ships are beautiful! Thanks for sharing another piece of your home! 😊

  2. Ohh, never been to Ostend, I’ll add it to my bucket list (if possible for this festivity 😉 )
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a lovely town you call home. I had intended to visit Ostend when we were in Bruges but well it did not happen because we ran out of time. Maybe someday I shall.

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