My Hometown Oostende #12

Nights getting colder and more windy, but these weather conditions do not stop me:). Instead of going out last night, I’ve got a small party with my camera, tripod and remote control:).




10 thoughts on “My Hometown Oostende #12”

  1. Interesting When I for the first time (with my moped) in 1970 took the ferry from Dover to Ostend I saw some kind of ‘skyscrapers’ and when I went through the customs and drove pass those building I saw poverty. Things have changed in the meantime, I know. Keep on picturing the beauty even if it is a building falling apart … 😉

    1. Hi herman, yes the few skyscrapers and we are happy that it are still a few. So that means that u was in my city in seventies… a golden time for my city(vibrant nightlife etc).

  2. Ik ga alle jaren een paar dagen naar Oostende maar niet in de zomer.Het is me dan te druk.Ik ben een wandelaar en ga meestal in voor of naseizoen

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