The sixth edition of the international Street Art Festival The Crystal Ship (Oostende, Belgium) was kicked off in mid-June, and all interventions/artworks have been completed in the meantime. Time for a recap:).

I have pinned all my photographed murals on the Streetartcities map to make your street art hunt a bit easier:). Download the App: Google Play – App Store or find the locations on the website.

Karen FrançoisD(r)ankje voor alles

Translated: Thank you for everything/ A drink for everything. In the meantime, the temporary installation on Sint Petrus & Paulus sqaure has disappeared (unfortunately). Normal doormat sizes can now be found at the entrance to cafes and restaurants throughout the city. Could the start of the festival and the reopening of cafes and restaurants be even more symbolic?


Location: Zandvoordestraat 25

Location: Prins Roselaan 141

Location: Leeuwerikenstraat 170

Location: Gouwelozestraat 45


Location: Langestraat 8

La Période de Masques by SozyOne

Location: Corner Vlaanderenstraat / Langestraat

Model of a Blue Whale by DZIA

Location: Car Park Station Konterdamkaai 22

Golden Hour by SOAZ

Location: Vredestraat 35

El Mono by Mr. Aryz

Location: Slachthuiskaai 23

Luchar Contra El Enemigo Invencible by Inti

Location: Parking Tower Edith Cavellstraat

Pisces by Kitsune Jolene

Location: Corner Peter Benoitstraat / Kairostraat

Roberto Ciredz

Location: Langestraat 55

Colorfull People by Mieke Drossaert

Location: Steenovenstraat 9

Location: Plakkersstraat 39

Location: Longchamplaan 41

Location: Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 323

Location: August Vermeylenstraat 71 

Location: Schildersstraat 2

Location: Stuiverstraat 70

Location: Waterwerkstraat 27

Location: Ieperstraat 66

Location: August Vermeylenstraat 36


Muurvloer by ADD FUEL

Location: Kairostraat 86

Jacoba Niepoort

Location: Eendrachtstraat 38


Mentalgassi is a trio of young German street artists who are known for large photographs pasted on urban outdoor objects, sometimes combined with graffiti.
In Oostende they have chosen to cover 12 glass containers throughout the city with photos of well-known and lesser-known locals. A unique way to put people in the spotlight and to brighten up the street scene. Street Art is transient, and weather conditions can negatively affect installations / artworks and so did the artworks of this talented trio. A few days after they finished their creations, the photos on several glass containers were damaged by the rain. At that time I was not in Belgium, so unfortunately I could not take pictures of the finished pieces. But luckily there is Instagram :).

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