Last weeks you could enjoy my doors photographed in Italy, now I take you for a trip to the Balkan region, more specifically to Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. Shortly after my Italy trip, I was able to go on holiday (rather unexpectedly) and after a little search on the Ryanair website I opted for a cheap Charleroi/Brussels – Banja Luka return flight. Banja Luka? Yes, the capital of Srpska Republika in Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnia was for a long long time on my bucket list, and in the past I had to cancel my flights to Banja Luka twice due to water flooding in Bosnia Herzegovina.

But the title of my blog post says Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. A revisit (I was already there in 2013), and more specifically photographing the street art scene in this city was of course also on my to do list. Given the corona measures that apply in Serbia (my double vaccination was not valid, unfortunately), the best option was to leave Banja Luka for Belgrade as soon as possible with a negative corona test that was valid for 48 hours. Strict timetable, but everything went perfectly and smooth: a late evening flight, an overnight stay in Banja Luka and then I took the first bus to Belgrade which was an excellent idea in hindsight. The first hours I could enjoy the beautiful hilly landscape in Bosnia Herzegovina, driving through many small villages and after an 8 hour bus ride I finally arrived in Belgrade. Below, a small impression of my 4 days spend in Belgrade.

Bonus Pictures

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Belgrade

  1. Ohh, what a jump from Italy. “Radost” means joy. 🙂 I love that. I love the birdie too, and the gate with the two eagles on top. I was never in Banja Luka, looking forward to doors from there (if you caught any).

  2. I love them!!!!! Another coincidence – Belgrade is also on my list of destinations to see in the near future. And I love the photo with the Danube and the swans, I think it is a nice city. Take care & stay healthy!! bisous

  3. What a journey! Travel in Covid times certainly presents us with challenges, I’m glad you found a way to “time your entry” and get to your destination. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us at Thursday Doors . I am fascinated by the color of the stone on the wall/entrance of Radost. I’m assuming the color isn’t natural.

  4. I thought I posted a comment but I can’t see it. Feel free to delete this if it’s a duplicate. Covid has certainly complicated travel. I’m glad you were able to time your journey well and I’m glad you shared the photos. I’m curious about the color of the stone wall/entrance at Radost. I’m assuming it’s not a natural color, but it is interesting.

  5. Hard to keep track of each countries virus/vaccination rules! I see Belgrade likes graffiti! Never been Serbia or Belgrade.Great
    images. Am glad you still could travel though:)

  6. Your photos are great for doors and culture 😉
    The triple red had such great light too
    And it always invites a pause when we see grand doorways with spray paint tags!

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