When I stayed in Padova, the nearby located municipality of Dolo caught my attention because of their annual street art festival called “I DO LOve Street Art Festival“. The municipality itself is not that big, and has a cute charming center with the catholic church San Rocco as an eye-catcher. After seeing all the street art pieces, I still had an hour left before the bus took me back to Padova. An ideal moment to enjoy the tranquility on a terrace with a beautiful view on the “Naviglio del Brenta” canal that flows through Dolo.

I had a wonderful time in Italy. This Thursday Doors: Dolo episode is the last in my Italy 2021 series, next week I’ll take you to Serbia. Stay tuned:).

Bonus Pictures

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

21 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Dolo

  1. When I saw the closed green curtains at No. 73, I went back to check the previous one. I thought maybe they closed them after they saw you taking a picture 😉

    These are interesting doors. I like the simple doors and I like the curtains, but I’ve never seen curtains on the outside of a door before. I love the bonus photos

  2. I like how colorful these door are. Do you know the reason for the curtains in front of the doors? I find it mysterious but could simply be a normal occurrence I’m not familiar with. Great photos.

    1. Well, a few followers mentioned the curtains and I’ve been thinking about this. Maybe the answer is simple? It’s a little town, such a place where people let the door open in this hot temperature… and after lunchtime they do a power nap or a so called ‘siesta’ and they just close the door? Gr Stef

  3. I cannot stop looking at and admiring your door photos. (And you know how many doors and their photos I have seen in my life!) Your featured one is marvellous, as are both dark green window + door ensembles. Extremely well done!!

    1. Hey Manja, indeed through the years I learned that you have big interest or call it a fascination for doors:). Glad you liked my Dolo uploads:). Gr Stef

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