One of the places that had been high ranked on my unofficial bucket list for a long time, was the Italian city of Padova (anglicised: Padua). Through my favorite street application Streetartcities, I had already noticed that the local street art hunter (click here) there delivers brilliant work by keeping the street art map of Padova up to date and allowing us to admire virtually the many street art works that the city has to offer. Recently, many new works by local and internationally renowned artists, have been added to Padova’s urban landscape, thanks to the latest edition of the Biennale Superwalls.

Padova itself is super cute: many small alleys and canals, impressive architecture, the botanical garden is said to be the oldest in the world, beautiful palaces (eg: Pallazo della Ragione) and the Prato Della Valle, one of the largest market squares in Europe consisting of a central wide park surrounded by an oval canal lined with 78 statues portraying illustrious citizens. A real masterpiece and perfect spot to experiment with my drone:).

Yup,you heard it right: only superlatives, and Padova has exceeded my (high!) expectations. After my walking records from the previous days in Ferrara and Ravenna combined with the enormous heat waves, I chose to take things a little more ‘chillax’ in Padova, and this time I rented a bike to get around the city and suburbs. Padova, is without a doubt one of my best travel experiences of recent years.

Venice? Naples? Rome? Venice? Milan? Palermo? I am glad that I chose Padova over these more known cities. Padova is just Padualicious, a real hidden gem.

Bonus Pictures

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Padova

    1. Glad that Had enjoyed padova as much as I do:). I was really mesmerized by this city. A lot of green, a real own urban art scene (especially stencil artists and peeta his crew etc). Awesome. Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.

  1. How interesting! I visited Padova two weeks ago for the first time and shared the doors from one of the churches for last week’s Thursday Doors. Now I see what all there is while we only saw the central square with the bridges. I love the canals in your photos! And that overgrown bridge! <3 I believe the bike is indeed the best choice for it. But make no mistake – Italy is amazing all over.

    1. Hey Manja! Wow, you visited the real eye catcher and hotspot of Padova, the famous square. Its so so so special, impossible to compare with other squares we have seen so far. But Padova is much much more… I cycled along the city borders/ river and flatlands, through the industry areas etc, just awesome. Italy is so beautiful (and not too forget excellent food… my first attempt to eat Burrata:) ), but still its more interesting for me to discover the rather little less touristic places (and try to see how is the real life in a place, not only those trip advisor top 10 lists). Street Art brought me the last years to incredible cities and towns. Thanks for passing by and share your Padova experience:). Cheers Stef

  2. Beautiful photos of a wonderful city 😊! I love Padova very much and have visited since 1998 every five years. Last time I stayed at a small albergo which might have been close to your pictures 7 and 8. During the lockdown in 2020 I kept looking at the images of the Web camera on the cathedral square and could not believe how deserted it was. There was always so much going on there ! Thank you for taking me back to beautiful Padova.

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