After spending a few hours in Portomaggiore, it was time to visit that much bigger city nearby: Ravenna, located in the northeast of Italy.

Ravenna, is known for their imposing buildings with plain interiors, mosaics, the still preserved city gates and the fantastic street art works that the city has to offer. Another memorable fact of my day in Portomaggiore and Ravenna is that I set my personal walking record: during the whole day I walked about 36,5 km, under 35 celsius. You guessed it: I was exhausted. But I returned with great memories, saw cool street art works and of course as always: photographed some doors for our Thursday Doors Challenge :). Have a nice day folks…

Bonus Pictures

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Ravenna

  1. Lovely photos! My husband’s family lived in and around Ravenna so he spent a lot of time there growing up. I’ve only visited once, and that was 20 years ago! I would like to go back, though. Glad you survived the heat. I wouldn’t. Just taking the dogs out for a walk up and down the street wipes me out. I don’t do well with heat; never have, despite growing up in Florida.

    1. indeed, maybe time to go back:)? It has changed a lot I guess. The heat was becoming really dangerous, few times I felt so dizzy and I think that my cheapy Decathlon hat saved me. A nice temperature about 24 degrees but 35 or more(like I experienced in Bosnia & Serbia few weeks ago…) is just too much for a Belgian guy like me (lol). Have a nice day Alison, and thanks for leaving a nice comment:).

    1. I didn’t have pictures of the mosaics (sometimes I just get tired of photographing everything what I see around). Ravenna deserves a place on your bucket list I guess?:). Cheers Stef

  2. These are wonderful photos. That’s a lot of walking in some serious heat! Thanks for sharing the results of that Herculean effort. I love the gates and the featured church. It’s funny how the plain front wall is a very interesting architectural detail..

    1. it was challenging and I am glad that I saw the majority of street art pieces in ravenna. But still… relaxing and enjoying the environment in a more quiet way is important as well. Cool that u picked your favo door/gate. Thanks for passing by. Cheers Stef

  3. No doubt, this is Italy, even though we were on opposite end, close to France. But the scooters are the same – for the Americans it’s a novelty (it’s not the right word, but I can’t find another one) – have never seen so many rid a scooter as in Italy. Love the pillars! Also, the artist of the little people, but your comments were closed. An interesting niche for a painting artist, but I love the one you had in the header the most!

    1. Hi Emille, its indeed sth very typical for Italy: scooters (it’s vespa land:) ) and such a funny view too see them all parked in that way. Worth a pic:). About the street art: Helen Bur is so good, recently she painted with Lula Goce a tribute to Hyuro in Angers (France). An amazing artist that has passed away. Helen Bur her little people are famous and cute, but also her bigger walls are impressive. glad you like this well talented artist. Gr Stef

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