In recent years ,I have mainly focused on the murals of The Crystal Ship on my blog, but in addition to this annual street art event, there is also another platform where artists can display their art.
Let’s be honest, there is a lot of street art in my hometown of Oostende, but my town doesn’t have a real graffiti/ street art scene. The old school artist Vynck is the greatest talent who has manifested himself fully in the region (and even international) in recent years, and a while ago he made a “quick” wall at the Vélodroom Skatepark, the only legal wall in the city.

Unfortunately, the legal wall is not as maintained (overhanging greenery) by the city services, while a lot of money is spent on a street art festival every year… . This legal wall deserves much better? So, for today, let’s kick off with Vynck his wall, painted almost literally in his backyard:). I have photographed this wall in June and in the meanwhile its already overpainted.

Photographed on 13/06/2021

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