One of the priorities I had set during my Ferrara Padova trip last month was shooting Street Art in Portomaggiore, a rather smaller city (12,000 inhabitants) not too far from Ferrara and easy to reach by train. There really isn’t much to say about this town (except that I discovered some beautiful murals again :)) I was only there for two hours, because I wanted to spend more time in the much bigger city of Ravenna that day. Sometimes we have to make choices, even when traveling :). Still, I took the time to shoot some doors for our weekly Thursday Doors Challenge and give you a little impression of Portomaggiore.

Bonus Pictures

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Portomaggiore

  1. Really nice doors and especially some of the gardens!! Italy has a plus when it comes to gardens, flowers or landscape. Congrats & good inspiration for the following posts! 🙂

    1. I know that gardens and flowers do it always for you right:). Its so nice to stroll around in those quiet neighborhoods, enjoying the green and tweeting birds etc. I think, I should travel more often to Italy? Which places did you have visited in Italy so far? Gr Stef

      1. Hello again, yes you are right, I love everything you said, especialy gardens, of any type, the ore colourful the better. I have seen Venezia, Milano & the lakes & isola Bella,, Genova, Portofino, Ancona, Napoli, Potenza, Matera; what I wish to see next is the Capri island but any place in Italy with a good gelato is good to see. Take care of yourself & good luck for having inspiration for new posts! 🙂 hugs from here

  2. Another awesome collection of doors beautifully photographed and arranged. The street art on the station is exceptionally good. Great to see in this small city.

    1. Yup, I agree. It was a perfect idea to pimp this station up with some urban art (and all same background color ). Cool pieces, some interesting graff writing etc. Nice mix of everything. Gr Stef

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