After a week of absence, I am back with a new set of doors, which I photographed last week in Italy. Over the next few weeks, I’ll show you doors and cityscapes from Ferrara, Portomaggiore, Ravenna, Padova and Dolo.

Let’s start with Ferrara, after a relatively short flight from Charleroi Airport to Treviso Airport, I headed straight to Ferrara, the capital of the Emilia Romagna Region in the Po Delta. A city of many palaces, small alleys, cobblestoned streets and where the Renaissance architecture is never far away. And then we haven’t even mentioned those beautiful historic city walls. In this blogpost, a little photographic impression of my stay in Ferrara.

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Bonus Images

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Ferrara

    1. Thanks Robert:). The concert stage was for a music festival that was going on in Ferrara. The stage was waiting for good old Zucherro!!! In the evening, I made a walk on the city walls and Zucherro live as background music… it can be worse:). Enjoy your weekend for the fullest Robert. Gr Stef

  1. Ooo, Italia! I hope it was good for you, judging from your impressions – yes. I love them all, the variety and details, but my favourites are “Does He Know” and the first bonus image. Beautiful! Never been to Ferrara and I keep passing it on my way from Slovenia to Tuscany.

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