Two weeks ago, the annual Street Art Festival The Crystal Ship started in Oostende (Belgium), and it looks like the first phase (Belgian artists) is almost finished. The next phase, which will start at the beginning of July, will bring us the foreign artists (Roberto Ciredz, ADD FUEL, Aryz, Smug, Medianeras, Mentalgassi,… ). In the meantime, I can proudly inform you that I have decided to take the next step in street art photography. I recently bought a drone, so I hope to be able to take even better pictures of imposing murals, and from a different angle. In this post you can see my very first drone photos… .

I have pinned all my photographed murals on the Streetartcities map to make your street art hunt a bit easier:). Download the App: Google Play – App Store or find the locations on the website

Works In Progress


Today, SozyOne brings the final brushstrokes to his artwork, which pays tribute to the artist James Ensor, who is known for his… yes indeed: masks :). Even though the wall is not yet completely finished, in my humble opinion it is perhaps the most impressive mural ever in Oostende.

Location:  Luna Park Reflex Vlaanderenstraat (Click Here)

Finished Artworks


The multi-disciplined design studio Toykyo embellished a wall in the epic center of Oostende’s nightlife. The facade of the cocktail bar Sous Sol, which has fallen into serious disrepair in recent years, has now been transformed into a lively hip abstract wall.

Location: Langestraat 8 (Click Here)

Kitsune Jolene

Kitsune Jolene, who always guarantees deep red/pink sensual female portraits, started her work a few days later than planned (wrong elevator delivered…) and last Friday she made the final refinements. Another masterpiece painted by this extremely talented artist, who was assisted by her sidekick and partner in crime, Robin Lobster.

Location: Corner Peter Benoitstraat / Kairostraat (Click Here)


Ethel Coppieters (aka SOAZ) her finished Golden Hour wall.

Location: Vredestraat 37 (Click Here)


DZIA completed his blue Royal Whale in his well-known style on the parking tower of the NMBS. Isn’t it cute welcoming view for everyone who arrives in Oostende by train:)?

Location: Parking Lot NMBS Railwaystation. Best visible from the bridge (Click Here)

Colour Full People by Mieke Drossaert

The always smiling Mieke Drossaert painted her sweet funny Color Full People in 10 different locations throughout the city.

Updated 27/06/2021 – Pictures were taken on 24/06/2021 & 27/06/2021

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    1. Thanks Cee:). The finished artworks are incredible isn’t it, a pleasure to photograph:). Have a nice day:). Cheers stef

    1. Absoluut. Vele werken van deze editie liggen relatief dicht bij elkaar, wandelt iets makkelijker:). De eerste 5 grote werken zijn alvast juweeltjes. Mvg Stef

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