Today, I am taking you to the capital of my country: Brussels. Honestly, I confess: I have rarely been to Brussels as far as I can remember. Maybe 2 or 3 times? That’s why I thought: since it is forbidden to travel abroad, a city trip (read: street art hunting) to Brussels between Christmas Day and New Year Day could be an excellent alternative? Just immerse myself in this multicultural meltpot and street art spotting which is an brilliant way to discover a place.

Below you will find my collection of doors photographed during my walks through Brussels.

Click to enlarge the pictures

This is my entry to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors Challenge

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Brussels

  1. You have a wonderful collection. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love the picture with the narrow end doors and the iron balcony spanning the entire front.

  2. Oh it is very funny, I like them! I like the Cubana, the Mickey Mouse, the one with the ivy close to it. I saw some nice doors for you recently here and I thought of your posts. I’m happy you are so healthy and so active! With all these restrictions I also try to not get lazy so I work, I’m attending an online course about happiness, I am knitting, I am gardening – Spring is getting close and I’m extremely happy – it is my favourite season. Take good care Stef & stay healthy!! bisous & bonnes energies! :):)

    1. Hey my friend, oh yes… spring is pretty close and our freedom too:). It’s about time no?:). Hope you are doing well In Hungary with your family? Already well adapted I guess? Everything’s fine here, I can’t wait to travel again(I bought already a flight to Milano for May…. crossed fingers;) ). Have a nice joyful weekend. cheers Stef xxx

  3. So many outstanding doors, and right up my street. I very much like the trio of doors with the pink one on the right, and the squid doors too. Superb collection.

    1. Thanks a lot:). Indeed, that one with the pink door is also one of my favos(contrast). Hope to get back to Brussels soon… . Have a nice weekend amigo. Cheers Stef

  4. What a fascinating gallery! Amazing street art and doors combined, two of my favourite subjects. Thanks for this, exactly what I’ve been missing. I haven’t been to any city since August. Greetings from the wilderness of Tuscany.

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