Today I am taking you for a virtual Street Art tour through the Portuguese town of Estarreja, a small town located between Porto and Aveiro. Almost all artworks and interventions in Estarreja are part of the urban arts event called ESTAU – Estarreja Arte Urbana, founded in 2016 and curated by Mistertaker Maker (Instagram). During the festival days, the festival not only focuses on painted walls, but also offers all kinds of activities such as lectures, films, music, guided tours,… . Few years ago, the festival has been awarded the prestigious EFFE Label for being considered one of Europe’s most remarkable festivals.

In September (2020) I visited Estarreja for the second time and I was lucky: the current edition had just started and I could see some artists paint their provided wall, always fun! Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to check the new finished walls of this years edition later on during my trip. Who knows I’ll come back to Estarreja someday (I didn’t have the time to photograph the pieces outside the city unfortunately:( )? My favo artworks? I am a huge fan of Samina and the interventions of the legendary ADD FUEL. What are your favo artworks?

Let’s start the tour folks:)! Locations? Click here , here and here.

ESTAU Estarreja on Facebook Instagram

Edition 2020

Lockdown by Daniel Padure (Instagram)

Utopia by Mariana Rio (Instagram)

Guerreiros by Gonçalo Mar (Instagram)

Edition 2018

Quotidiano by The Caver (Instagram)

Regg Salgado (Instagram)

Greetings from your favourite beach in 2025 by Marina Capdevila (Instagram)

Weave by Millo (Instagram)

Convergente by ADD FUEL (Instagram)

Edition 2017

Vhils (Instagram)

Camilla Watson

Street Art is much more than only massive painted walls. Camilla Watson showcased an artistic photographic interpretation of Estarreja’s memory and history. Nicely done!:)

Garça Vermelha / Red Heron by Ana Maria (Instagram)

Robert Panda (Instagram)

A nossa casa somos nós / Our home is us by Halfstudio (Instagram)

Urban Art Workshop with Tamara Alves (Instagram)

Rising Sun by AKA Corleone (Instagram)

Egas e Deolinda by Mohamed L’Gacham (Instagram)

Edition 2016

Samina (Instagram)

Hazul (Instagram)

A Musica É Uma Fera Invisivel by Bicicleta Sem Freio (Instagram)

Lata 65 (Instagram)

Claudia Guerreiro (Instagram)

Bosoletti (Instagram)

ADD FUEL (Instagram)

Head in the Clouds by Fintan Magee (Instagram)

Kruella D’Enfer (Instagram)

Birdwatching Fair by Bordalo II (Instagram)

Isaac Cordal (Instagram)

Isaac Cordal is known for his miniature sculptures called Cement Eclipse and can be found in the most (un)usual places. When I visited Estarreja few years ago, I found all his sculptures. Nowadays, only a few (and some damaged pieces ) are left.

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  1. So much to love in this post. Thank you! ADD FUEL, Camilla Watson and especially the figures by Isaac Cordal are my favourites. And I really love one photo: the first one of Bosoletti, through the crack. Really well done.

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