Hello all:)! Hopefully you had all a good start of the week:)? Two days ago, I posted the pictures (click here) of my enjoyable walk along the Doeveren walking path in a colorful autumnal atmosphere. During my walk, I had the feeling that many hobby photographers recognize: absorbing yourself in the environment, noticing shadows everywhere. Such a day that our creative eye sees something more than usual.

Autumn is mainly known for one thing: color. Still, I think, we can also (perhaps to a lesser extent) showcase the autumnal atmosphere in Monochrome or Black / White? Enjoy:)

This is my entry to Citysonnet’s Photo A Day Challenge with the theme Nature and the 2020 Festival of Leaves Challenge

10 thoughts on “Monochrome Autumn Vibes

  1. I find that autumnal scenes in colour bring warmth and thoughts of huddling around a fire but shadows and close-ups in greyscale can carry more of the flow of light and dark

    1. I took a kind of corona blogging break and sometimes My blog appears offline for a unknown reason… I am not a technical mastermind unfortunately lol. But ok… I try to upload regularly some stuff when I have the time… . Thanks for commenting and passing by:). Gr Stef

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