After months of uncertainty where I would travel in September, I chose Portugal which is always a good choice for street art lovers like me. Two years ago I was already in Porto, so the choice to start my trip in Vila Nova de Gaia was an obvious one.

Vila Nova de Gaia is located opposite Porto on the south bank of the Douro river, and is mainly known as the center of the world renowned Port wines. It doesn’t surprise you all, that I was quiet curious if there is also some street art to discover between the cellars and Port lodges. Below you’ll find an overview of the street art pieces I came across during my walks through Vila Nova de Gaia.

Half Rabbit” by Bordalo II

The probably most famous and photographed street art intervention in Portugal is the Half Rabbit made by the trash art king Bordalo II (Instagram)

Location: corner R. Dom Alfonso III / R. Guilherme Gomes Fernandes


This stairs is designed by the Belgian stencil artist Jaune (Instagram), who is famous for his funny garbage collectors. Made in 2017.

Location: Escadaria da Tv. de Cândido dos Reis


The Argentinian artist Francisco Diaz, aka Pastel (Instagram) painted the four walls of this small tower in his typical floral patterns.

Location: Largo Joaquim Magalhães

Random Finds

Artist: Unkown – Location: Roundabout / R. Machado dos Santos

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    1. Thank you:). Well I took the ‘risk’ to travel in corona times and I am glad I did it. Street Art Hunting through central/north Portugal was a for a long time on my bucket list. Recommendable:)! Gr Stef

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