Discovering the Sibiu International Street Art festival has been on my bucket list for a long time, and last year during the fall I was finally able to realize this. At the end of September, the weather is still pretty nice in Romania and with low cost company Wizzair you can fly directly from Charleroi Airport to Sibiu at a relatively cheap price. So, it was an excellent opportunity to visit the medieval walled city of Sibiu ( and other cities such as Sighişoara & Braşov).

I had also visited Bucharest before (March 2019) where I could already admire works by the best known Romanian painters / Street Art collectives such as Pandele, Lost Optics or Sweet Damage Crew and of course, their creations can also be seen in the streets of Sibiu.

SISAF is organized by the Asociatia ART Factory Transylvania and what makes them so unique is that they provide a platform for mainly Romanian artists and collaborations with local schools. A little more color on the grey walls of schools makes life as a student a bit more fun, right:)? Just bear in mind in case you go Street Art hunting in Sibiu: go on schooldays (because that not all the works are visible from the outside). Just enter the school, put on your widest smile and ask if they can show you the painted walls.

My opinion about SISAF? It’s a TOP festival in a city filled with splendid architecture, museums and churches. I just like the fact that they keep it very local. Dare to leave famous urban art paths (like London or Berlin) and discover a real hidden gem in the heart of Romania.

Online maps / Locations: Streetartcities & Official Website SISAF

More SISAF on Instagram / Facebook / Official Website

Thanks for reading guys, and enjoy my captured colored walls.


Free Your Mind by Zed 1 (Instagram)

Etnii by Treipic

Homeboy LDJ (Instagram)

Kitra (Instagram) & Pren (Instagram)

Sweet Damage Crew (Instagram)


D21 (Instagram)

Fikos (Instagram)

Saddo (Instagram) & Pren (Instagram)

Francisco Camilo (Instagram)


Glitch by Kaps Crew (Instagram)

Ortaku (Instagram)

Laika by The Orion (Instagram)

Robert Roca (Instagram)

Kitra (Instagram)

Urka (Instagram)

Lost Optics (Instagram)

Androgyn by Kero (Instagram) & OCU (Instagram)

Recis (Instagram)

Francisco Camilo (Instagram)


Wasp Elder (Instagram)

Kirill Stefanov (Instagram) & Mihai Viteazul

Dinho Bento (Instagram)

Ortaku (Instagram)

Recis(Instagram) & Sweet Damage Crew (Instagram)

Cristian Scutaru (Instagram)

Optics NO. 009 by Optics Crew (Collab by Lost Optics & Pren)

Mircea Popescu (Instagram)

Luchian & Constantin Rusu (Instagram)

Otto Constantin (Instagram)

Paula Duţă (Instagram) & The Orion (Instagram)

Unknown Artist….

Ziar Horizontal/Horizontal Newspaper by Dan Perjovschi (Instagram)


Mix & Play by Kitra (Instagram)

TakerOne (Instagram)

Transcendence by Lost Optics (Instagram)

Bogdana Pascal

Wesr (Instagram)

Opening A Brown Bear by Mehsos (Instagram)

Contemporary Lifestyle by Andreea Toma (Instagram)

Shift/Delete by Kaps Crew (Instagram)

kaBLOOM by Harcea Pacea (Instagram)

Simplicity by Mihai Alin (Instagram)

Limbo by Robert Obert (Instagram)

Roxie Netea (Instagram)

Cumul by Recis (Instagram) / Sweet Damage Crew (Instagram)

One Small Leap For Mankind by Pandele (Instagram)

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