Cheste, a town situated on 25 km from Valencia, has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years. What used to be an unprecedented tranquil town has now been turned into a free open Urban Art Gallery filled with works created by Spanish and international artists.

Graffitea Cheste project was born in 2016, as a collab between a Valencian Community Street Art Collective called “Wall Arttitude” ( Toni Espinar, Flug, David de Limon, TMX, Xolaka, La Nena Wapa Wapa and previously Xemayo / Demia Concept) and the local Department of Culture. The festival goes beyond the ordinary classical wall painting: during the festival days, lectures, stencils and graffiti workshops are given, and the artists can explain their works personally to the visitors of the festival.

Cheste is reachable by train (50 minutes) from Valencia-Estacio Del Nord. To admire and discover all the works, you can use the easy up-to-date online google map (click here) provided by the Festival. Duration: it took me about 3 hours.

Meanwhile, the Graffitea Cheste Street Art Festival has announced that the next edition will take place between 13-17 May (2020).

More information on Official Website / Instagram / Facebook

1st Edition 2016

Railway station

Noba (Instagram)


RudiArt (Instagram) & El Alfil (Instagram)

Manomatic (Instagram)

Kob Tropical (Instagram)

Icat (Instagram)

Disneylexya (Instagram)


Mercado Central

“Carnal Love” by Toni Espinar (Instagram)

Flug (Instagram)

Xemayo (Instagram)

2nd Edition 2017

Collab work by Mawe (Instagram) & Xemayo (Instagram) & Flug (Instagram) & Tuky

Collab by Angel Toren (Instagram) & Irene Lopez Leon (Instagram)

“Los Mundos de Gaia” by Sukha (Instagram) & Sfhir (Instagram)

Ruben Lorca (Instagram)

“Transform” by Nuriatoll (Instagram)

Collab piece by Kram (Instagram) & El Edu (Instagram)

“A Mi Madre” by Violetta Carpino (Instagram)

Graffanatics Crew (Folk Gfx (Instagram), Mr. Chapu (Instagram), Nels / Zurdo 507 (Instagram) )

“No me toques las naranjas” by Sabotaje Al Montaje (Instagram) & Lily Brik (Instagram)

Collabwork by Mr. Trazo (Instagram) & Eleman (Instagram)

Feoflip (Instagram)

“Mortadelo in da haus sei yeah!” by Napol (Instagram) & Ayns (Instagram)

“Chicas” by EMI

“El Beso” by Dan Ferrer (Instagram)

“El Beso” by Dan Ferrer

3th Edition 2018

“Mal Sueno de Una Noche de Media Primavera” by
Flavio Solo (Instagram) & Diamond (Instagram)

Xolaka (Instagram)

Koz Dos (Instagram)

“Inside Revolution” by Toni Espinar (Instagram)

“Resistenza” by Antonino Perrotta (Instagram) – Flug (Instagram) -TMX  (Instagram)

“Viajes al interior- Introspecciones” by Digo Diego (Instagram)

Dadospuntocero (Instagram)

Kraser (Instagram)

Carlos Callizo (Instagram)

4th Edition 2019

Antonio Tone (Instagram) & Cesar Goce (Instagram)

“Lost In The New Ocean” by Deih.xlf (Instagram)

A collab piece by Xolaka (Instagram) & De Tripas Aerosol (Instagram)

A fantastic collabpiece wall by Toni Espinar (Instagram) & Flug (Instagram) & TMX (Instagram)

“La Freskal Fruitis Mix” by Freskales (Instagram)

Calladitos (Instagram)

Cobre (Instagram)

Godmess (Instagram)

A collab wall by La Nena Wapa Wapa (Instagram) & David de Limon (Instagram)

Krome2 (Instagram)

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  1. Very good stuff. I am always surprised how, apart from a few pieces, street art is so different from one place to the other… There seems to be some underlying cultural currents or references.
    Dankje wel.

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