I spent the last days of the year 2019 in the Czech Republic, more specifically in my beloved second hometown of Pardubice and Olomouc (a hidden gem on the Morava River). Why Olomouc? It is perhaps the city that can be called the street art capital of the Czech Republic, and of course, the fantastic architecture and history that have fascinated me already for a while. Everywhere in Olomouc you can find beautiful baroque fountains, beautiful decorated churches, palaces, gardens and a charming old town surrounded by the city walls. When I was there, it was very cold and windy, but it did not stop me from exploring the city and, traditionally, photographing some doors. Doors that give a nice indication of the awesome architecture that the city has to offer. Have a pleasant day folks:).

This is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Olomouc

  1. The iron work on the side windows of your first door is very strange. Set the imagination to work – did they had another shape initially or what? Strange! Nice and interesting photos!

    1. Thanks a lot:). So you enjoyed the cold freezing temperatures in Czech as well:))). Have a nice joyful 2020 with a lot of new experiences and amazing trips:). Gr Stef

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