One of the main reasons why I went on a day trip to Calais was to visit the urban art Conquête Urbaine exhibition at Musée des beaux-arts. Indeed, different styles of street art, in a museum. The list of artists who participated in this exhibition was impressive and pure world class: Fintan Magee, ROA, Miss Van, Shepard Fairey, Vhils, Isaac Cordal, Herakut, Bordalo II, Levalet, Faith 47 are just a few examples of the large list of world renowned artists.

Urban Art or Street Art has become more accepted in recent years. In the past, Street Art was perhaps seen a little too much as vandalism, now it can even be said that this has become a new kind of tourism. Many cities and towns now hold urban art festivals / Projects and it has advantages: gray areas are pimped up and a plus for local economy ( Ho(s)tels, bike rentals, foodstores etc, …).

Overview of the exposed artworks.

Click to enlarge the pictures

Musée des beaux-arts 25 rue Richelieu 62100 Calais Opening hours: 13.00h – 18.00h Final Day of the exposition: 03/11/2019

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    1. This exhibition was really interesting. Because they showcased their talent in different ways: canvasses, installations,… . Their world is much more than a bit paint on a wall… at least their passion is their job, the most important. Have a nice weekend:). Gr Stef

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