El Cabanyal is an old fisherman’s qaurter in Valencia in the eastern part of the city and close to Valencia’s main beach, La Malvarrosa. For me it was pure fun to wander around in this neighborhood. Small tiny traditional houses, eye-popping colors and tiled facades. Doors and windows in all possible shapes and colors that you can imagine. And if you look up: mention the impressive balconies. Indeed, El Cabanyal looks like a really open air museum and everything just feels so local and laid-back, far away from the Calatrava masterpieces which Valencia is also very famous for. Indeed,definitely, one of my highlights during my trip to Valencia earlier this year. Below, my photographic impression of my stroll through El Cabanyal.

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This is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge


19 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Houses of El Cabanyal

    1. Technically it’s indeed a passage, an entrance but means much much more. I am not that obsessed with doors, but with thanks to this wonderful photography I started to observe more houses and especially doors. Really fascinating. Next week (28sept) I’ll leave to Transylvania… more new doors soon:). Regards Stef

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