With a great enthusiasm I was looking forward to the fourth edition of The Crystal Ship, a Street Art Festival in my hometown of Oostende (Belgium) that was held earlier this year. Traditionally, new updated street art maps were provided at the tourism office. So far, so good … until I noticed a few Paste Up works in the city center that weren’t on the map. Further investigation taught me that it was The Postman Art that made their unannounced appearance during this year’s edition of The Crystal Ship (website click here). Good to see another style in the streets.

The Postman Art is a collective based in Brighton (UK) that focuses primarily on weathpaste / paste up creations. Their aim is to brighten up the streets with works that focus on iconic figures from the past and present. A beautiful mix of graffiti, bride colors and photography are the main ingedredients that make their works very recognizable. In a very short time (since 2018), The Postman Art has become very popular and can be admired in major cities such as Barcelona, Paris, London, Miami, New York etc,… and now Oostende. So far,I found four works, but there should be five (according to The Postman Art). The Postman Art provide us the location/area where to search but found nothing. Maybe one disappeared very fast… . I am definitely in love with their brilliant works.

More The Postman Art on Instagram / Official Website / Facebook

6 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2019: The Postman Art

  1. thank you for sharing the Postman Art. They are fabulous. Love them all. The faces so recognizable and the clothing , or the hair, or the pose so ‘other’.

  2. woooooow! Amazing! My fellow local street art huntress Dimfy and me are looking so long for this one. The Postman Art gave us the location… (somewhere near the little ferry port) but… nothing… nada. Your picture gives us much more info:). Thanks buddy!

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