Last week I received an invitation on Facebook for JAM Etend’art 2019 (weekend 31/08 – 01/09), a skate / graffiti event in Calais (France). So I thought why not? Good weather was predicted, found a cheap connection to Calais by public transport (tram / Flixbus return only 13 euros, a bargain), the local Museum of Fine Arts hold an exhibition about urban arts “Conquête Urbaine” until the 3th of November and the dunes in Calais are littered with (painted) bunkers of the Atlantikwall fortification. Perfect ingredients for a real urban arts trip to Calais.

The Graffiti event, founded in 2016 by the local artist Vyrüs, has now grown into a collaboration with the Skate Club of Calais and was held in the skate park Zap’ados. A beautiful location to unite 2 subcultures. What immediately charmed me when I arrived: a real family event and laid back atmosphere. Skating kids and local street artists were spraying their latest creations on the walls(Dragonball:)))) ). Everywhere I saw paintings with the tag RIP HIPY, which made me curious a bit. I found out that Patrice Loones aka HIPY ONER ROCKER, a French old school Graffiti writer passed away few days ago. The jam turned out to a wonderfull tribute to their beloved friend. Below, a few photographic impressions of the Graffiti Jam.

Useful links JAM Etend’art 2019 / Instagram Vyrüs  / Instagram Dean Oner / Instagram Sehaz One / Instagram Yoze / Instagram Seyar

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