The doors that I show you this week have been photographed in Grandcamp-Maisy (France) during my Normandy trip a few weeks ago. According to our impression, Grandcamp-Maisy seemed more like a sleeping coastal city? No people on the street, cloudy weather, a bit deserted view … ? Maybe it was because of Assumption Day? But was perfect for us, a lovely tranquil walkabout through the city, harbor and of course we took the time to eat those delicious typical stuffed pancakes (crepes) before continuing our journey through the battlefields and landing beaches of Normandy. Below, my collection doors captured in Grandcamp-Maisy. Have a wonderfull weekend people:))).

This is my entry to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge & Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme City

4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Grandcamp-Maisy

  1. Sorry for the late visit. It looks like I almost missed your post. Perhaps you forgot to add your link in the comments on my post?
    In any case this is fun collection. I especially like the green/blue/yellow beach hut doors.
    Nicely done 🙂

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