Mohamed l’Ghacham is an artist born in Morocco (Tangier), but based in Barcelona. During my neverending searches on instagram I had already seen many works painted by this fantastic artist and, therefore, I had great expectations. In the beginning, he was more interested in plastic arts and later he discovered the world of graffiti and muralism. His contemporary works are very realistic and figurative, inspired by the Classical painters, Impressionism, and a vintage touch. Simple table settings, food and portraits are the main things that recur in his works often and as you can see, also in his finished piece for the The Crystal Ship in Oostende (Belgium). This mural is also a bit nostalgia for me: I am a graduated baker (I left the bakery world recently after 24 years), and this mural is next to a bakery where I used to go in the time my grandparents were still alive. I simply love this mural.

Location: Corner Blauwkasteelstraat / Sint-Catharinaplein

More Mohamed l’Ghacham on : Instagram / Official Website

As most people know, street art is perishable. And this became clear also during this edition of The Crystal Ship (website), some murals of former editions have been replaced by new creations. The mural created by Smates and Locatelli is gone now, and replaced by Mohamed l’Ghacham his masterpiece.

R.I.P. Smates & Locatelli

9 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2019: Mohamed l’Ghacham

    1. Was a big part of my life… but sometimes… changes are necessary (social life). In a way, still miss the chocolate, marzipan figures etc. It’s interesting though, 20 years ago I was drawing sketches for chocolates sculptures, very abstract and now: also in my photography I recognize a bit of abstractism (lines, angles, geometry etc) sometimes. Have a nice day x

      1. Mmmmm…what a delicious romantic period you used to have! Good luck with your photo career. By the way! I have finally launched my design site: There you can find articles I make as I’m a designer as well. (table & celebration decorations). Thanks! Same to you!

        1. Hey Maria, I checked your brand new website! Looks really good, nice layout, the colours are excellent…. the necessary information, not too much. Well done! I looking into the catalogue, your table decorations are brilliant! Wish you a lot of succes in all the things you do Lady! Gr Stef

          1. U-hu-hu! Thank, dear Stef! I appreciate your review very much! In case if you need anything of the kind, I will craft for you with a special price! You have made my day!

            Have a nice photo week! Your Romanian shooting is very mysterious! Gr Maria

  1. Hej Stef, nice mural this one…didn’t know you were a baker too! btw, planned a trip to Vilnius later this year, do you have any tips for murals there? I’d love to spot them. thanks!!

    1. I’ve been in Vilnius, many years ago (was not in my street art mania at that time:) ). Super lovely surprising city. Don’t expect old communist living blocks etc. Lot of churches, very vibrant. About street art, I remember that they held a street art festival once (love instagram:) ). I am a contributor of Streetartcities: download the free application,or check before the website. I think Vilnius is on the list. Good luck and have lot of fun:). Cheers Stef

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