Flower Photography, not directly the kind of photography that I am good at, but I still have the great desire to improve my skills in this subject (and post-editing). One of the priorities during my trip in Valencia was a visit to the Jardín Botánico de Valencia / Botanical Garden of Valencia (Official website click here). Just take a moment to photograph flowers and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer. One of the highlights of my stay in Valencia,definitely! Budget travelers: entrance fee is only € 2.5:)!

The flower that I want to share today is the Blue Agapanthus Praecox, a part of the Alliaceae / Onionfamily group.

Blue Agapanthus Praecox

This post is my entry to Cee’s Flower Of The Day Challenge


2 thoughts on “FOTD #2: Blue Agapanthus Praecox

  1. It’s good to challenge yourself and try something new, and an interesting shot, with only a single petal open. The name of that plant is kind of cool, too, I’m sure it will turn up as a character in a Star Wars movie.

  2. Hehe, indeed. The name is really cool:). It’s something different then most flower shots we see usually. I am glad you like the shot and thanks for the always encouraging words. Gr Stef

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