When I travel nowadays, my to do list is not that big. Some priorities, a few options and for the rest, just surrender to the place and environment. And that works for me more than ever. 

Last October, I traveled to Ireland (Waterford and Cork) with only 3 priorities in five days: Street Art hunting in Waterford(Walls), Street Art in Cork, and yes, cycling the Waterford Greenway.  I had never heard of that trail before, but indeed, thanks to saint Google, my curiosity was aroused. Autumn, nature, and landscapes. A wonderful combination for an avid amateur photographer and wanderer like me. 

The Waterford Greenway is a wonderful, challenging  46km offroad walking and cycling trail along the old railway Waterford and Dungarvan. A trail that takes you along the riverside (the River Suir),green landscapes, authentic villages, old school railway stations and a few viaducts. My research learned me that it was really easy: rent a bike or electric bike (yup, my first electric bike experience ever and was great:)!). 40€ Was the loss but who cares.  I didn’t want to arrive fast in Dungarvan but the hidden idea was to cycle back to Waterford along the coastway but the gentle lady  at the Waterford bike hire center (Grattan Quay 2) told me that the chance that I should manage (Waterford-Dungarvan-Waterford) was (almost) impossible. I had to return to bikes at one of the 3 stations: Waterford, Kilmacthomas (halfway point) or Dungarvan before 6pm. Once you arrive at your destination (bike hire center), a shuttle bus can bring you back to your start point. Easy:)!

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It was just a beautiful day, great weather conditions, almost no wind, sun, blue sky and about 18 degrees. Yup, I had chosen the good day:). I let you enjoy my pictures taken during this fantastic bike ride. The Waterford Greenway, a real highlight of my Irelandtrip. 

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The Waterford Greenway Pathways

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Stay tuned for more pictures captured along the Waterford Greenway, a second blogpost (Waterford Greenway Postcards) will be published soon:).

This blogpost is also my entry to the Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme Challenge and the Which Way Challenge .


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  1. Fantastic photos! We drove through Dungarven and Kilmacthomas last August and I wanted to cycle this route. After reading this, it is on my plan for next year now for sure!

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