The most important thing in the photography world is the eye, the creative mind and soul. Even if you have the most expensive camera with high-tech gadgets and functions, this is certainly no guarantee for a “good” image. And yet, “good” is relative as long as we have fun. Nevertheless, over the years I have learned that a minimum of technical knowledge is indispensable to make a “better” photo, or rather: to take a step forward.

In my humble opinion: sometimes you have to challenge yourself and maybe even dare to use the manual settings (for example). A while ago I bought myself a new lens (Samyang 85 mm F / 1.4 S), and I have to use it completely manually. Try and fail. Not the lens that I really “need”, but rather a “nice to have”. And I admit, I use that lens  too less, while it offers so many possibilities (model / street photography).
A month ago I was in Wroclaw (Poland), while enjoying a beautiful light and music show in the Wroclawska Fontana Park, I noticed a couple who had just taken a picture of the show and it was the ideal moment to take my Samyang lens on my Sony Alpha 58 Camera. Am I satisfied with that picture? Just a little, settings were not ok (maybe I should have reduced the ISO to 400 to much noise,sharpness could be better), but is never easy just before the sunset, handheld shooting. Below you can see the result, I’ve edited the original picture to a black and white creation. Would be nice to hear your feedback and tips:).

Click to enlarge the pictures

Exif: ISO 800 1,8F  1/800sec

This post is my contribution to Nancy Merrill her A Photo A Week Challenge”.

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