Hello all! As you noticed, there was hardly any activity on Ostendnomadography in the past 2 months, and this had its reasons of course (changed from work after 13 years, got out of my comfort zone with some difficulties …). Everything is fine now, and quietly I can focus more on my blog and my loyal followers.

It’s Thursday folks, and this means doors! These 2 photos below were shot in the Spanish city of Balaguer, in the province of Lleida(Catalunya region) during my trip to Spain last May.

Balaguer is maybe not the most famous and tourist hotspot, but still a nice place to have a walk along the banks of the Segre River, a tributary of the Ebro, its Gothic bridge “Pont de Sant Miquel” and in the higher part of the city , the “Santa Maria Church” is certainly worth a visit.

This post is my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors Challengeand since his well deserved break,  currently hosted by JoleneMottern.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Balaguer

  1. Even though I don’t see myself as one of your faithful followers, it struck me seeing your blog name and realizing I had not seen it for some time. Wow, having the same job for 13 yeas is quite a feat in itself! Hope you landed a better job:) Nice doors!

    1. I was proud to work for this company(market leader in bakery products in Belgium), and I had not a bad position. But it was not challenging me anymore. I was thinking for about 2 years to make this step… its a job close to my place, not bad payed, flexible workhorse->good for holidays. Quitted end juin, we made agreement that I could leave earlier then the usually 13 weeks. On the new job, the chief was an young unexperienced guy and so many things went structural wrong… After some insulting comments from his side, I left and was a month home for medical/mentally reasons :(. In the meanwhile found another job, my 6th week there now as machine operator, in october going to Ireland(Waterfordwalls street art and exploring cork:), end of December back to south america, holidays approved:). Thanks for passing and have a lovely day:). Stef

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