Hello all! I admit, it is rare that I take pictures of flowers, but my interest has been awakened after my visit to Paseo del Rosedal (The Rose Garden Walk) in Buenos Aires (March 2018), and a visit to “Jardin du Mont des Recollets”, last weekend in Cassel(France).  Lately, I’ve also watched a few tutorials: ” how to post process pictures of flowers and roses”. Let’s start with the “Papaver Dubium”.

Papaver Dubnium at Jardin du Mont des Récollets

From now on, I will regularly try to post flowers and roses, and if I give it the wrong name (my knowledge is poor when it comes to roses/flowers), would be great to read your feedback in the comments section.

11 thoughts on “FOTD #1: Papaver Dubium

    1. It’s a beautiful park, a good reason to return to Buenos Aires (been 3x already in BA, still can’t get enough of Argentina’s Capital). Enjoy your weekend, regards Stef

  1. You have to know that Papaver species are toxic, the Papaver Dubium has a very small toxicity but the most toxic is Papaver somniferum which is used as a drug after preparation
    (I am not a drug addict or something, just studied at university plants 😁)

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