Hello all:)! It’s again that day of the week that Norm allow us to show our doors that we capture on our travels, or maybe even in our own neighborhood. In this  fourth episode of my Thursday Doors: Barcelona, I have chosen a bit more classic doors. I am wondering which one of this 3 doors are the favorite of my followers? My favo? The symmetry on the last picture is definitely my thing:). Enjoy your day guys:)!

8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Barcelona #4

  1. Wow, what a difference with the graffiti doors from previous weeks! 291 is my fave, because of the frame above the doors -beautiful!
    Look at my blog, this week I have a part of the USA you probably haven’t seen (yet).
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hola! I like the one built in stone, it reminds me a bit of Barrio Gotico, although maybe it’s not there. The blue one makes me think of Antoni Gaudi’s style. Go and see the Chocolate Museum, it’s in the centre and you get a choco instead of an entrance ticket 🙂 Take care & hasta luego! (Spain-Portugal 3-3 today 😉

    1. Chocolate Museum is for a next visit, thanks for the recommendation:). You’ve been in Romania? Always good to going back to the roots:). Yes, now we have the Worldchampionship mania here, which team do you support since Romania do not participate this edition? I was thinking today on Popescu, Hagi, Munteanu, Dumitrescu etc… what a golden generation! Thanks for passing by A, have a joyful weekend with your family. Greets Stef

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