Here is my contribution to Norm’s awesome Thursday Doors Challenge. In this third episode of eight, I display one of my most favorite doors (the featured door) captured in Barcelona. A  wooden door with graffiti tags, stickers and around the frame carves and  stone sculptures (check the frog:)!

Doors in Barcelona

Doors in BarcelonaThursday Doors Barcelona 3 3a nice detail of a door

6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Barcelona #3

  1. That third one’s a bit busy, isn’t it? The first one made me smile and I like the wood in the second with just a glimpse of what appears to be another, bigger, lovely wooden door.


  2. Another door with a doorknob in the middle of it! I’d never seen such a thing until I started following Norm’s door challenge. Most fascinating.

  3. Bravo! That first one made me chuckle: Mandela wearing a sombrero 😀
    The second one seems a bit narrow but it is very pretty.
    Good post.

  4. Love the mosaic wall next to the graffitied door – if you would have said before “Barcelona” I would not have believed it:)

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