I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Manyoly her girls on several locations in the city center of my hometown Oostende. A few months ago, The Crystal Ship event asked their followers and fans on Facebook which artist(s) they wanted to see on the new edition and of course, Ostendnomad recommended Manyoly (since I saw her girls in the streets of Marseille, I am a real fan:) ) her powerful colored girls:). Manyoly confirmed that she has painted 8 of her cute girls, I found them all:)!

Update: In the meanwhile, most of the Manyoly interventions are gone :(. RIP


  • Langestraat 49
  • Corner Langestraat/Kapucijnenstraat
  • Langestraat 93
  • Sint-Franciscusstraat 13
  • Corner Brabantstraat/Kapucijnenstraat
  • Corner Schipperstraat/Cirkelstraat
  • Cirkelstraat 14
  • Platformstraat 3

4 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2018: Manyoly

    1. Manyoly her girls are wonderfull. Forget Warhol, Love Manyoly:). I just got the information that she painted her cuties on 8 locations in the city center, so… love street art hunting(and discovered a few Jaune interventions as well). Next month I am going to London… Manyoly told me that she painted around Shoreditch… .

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