Sam Worthington, better known by his artists name “WASP ELDER”, is a London based muralist and participated in “The Crystal Ship” edition of this year. Wasp Elder’s mural  is based on a picture taken of “Leonie La Fontaine” (1857-1949) and her friend. Leonie La Fonatina was a Belgian pioneer feminist and pacifist. She was active in the international feminism struggle and was a member of the women’s international league for peace and freedom.

Wasp Elder @ The Crystal Ship edition 2018

Wasp Elder on the World Wide Web

Location: Werkzaamheidstraat 138

4 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2018: Erin Holly

  1. This one is great, I loved it! And I like peace promoting people and creations. Also the colours are amazing, well done !!!
    But what can we expect when ‘leaders’ from Europe promote wars just to sell their guns?….. Nowadays, if you like peace, you are the number one enemy of governments worldwide….What a pity…and we say that we are superior to other forms of life on Earth, when in fact it is just the other way around.

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