My first blogpost in 7 days, my first blogpost on my new (self hosted) domain is my entry for the Tuesday Photo Challenge run by Dutch goes the Photo. Theme of the week: Exotic.

Exotic reminds me to my excursion to Playa Larga in Cuba, better known as the Bay of Pigs (the failed US invasion). I’ve scrolled through his archives and found 4 pictures to share. Which one do you like the most?

12 thoughts on “Exotic Views at Playa Larga

  1. Oh yes, I like exotica. 🙂 And I love your header photo. Happies is a good thing to be. I don’t like the size of the photos and letters though. But it’s because my eye-sight is going. :p

    1. I love feedback! Also constructive ‘critique’, as I told in the other reply… working hard on customize my blog. My desk here is full with notes, to do lists and ideas, stay tuned:). But for now, I feel that I must relax again and not focus on the technical stuff anymore. By time I will get more knowledge about html etc. I’ve changed a few times the header… landscapes in Chile, Altiplanos till I realized: Ostendnomadography his niche is photography, and street art. Urban stuff. And a happy header can’t be bad:)! Once more, thanks for the feedback Manja!

    1. Thanks John! It’s a just a begin. It’s so important to hear and read the comments of my loyal followers. Thanks for passing by and leave a comment, appreciated:)! Greets Stef (aka ostendnomad).

      1. Your so welcome. I tried to move my blog a while ago to self-hosted. Ended up shutting it down. Glad you’ve fared much better. 👍🏻👌🏻

        1. Wow, why did you shut down your self hosted blog? If I may ask:)? Technical aspect(I admit, not easy)? is good though, easy. Few weeks ago, I was thinking on banners etc but block the html code/java etc… and this made me thinking: I want to bring my blog to the next level? Or stay basic… So I gave it a chance. I cancelled and refunded my business account on .com.

          1. The Business thing is what caused the issue for me. Should have kept the ability of it’s users to purchase a space upgrade, I never would have thought to go self-hosted. I used a local web company who did the transfer for me.

            But it took the guy a week or more, claiming my database was so huge that it would cost more. Turns out, it was the first time he’d tried to export a site. Longer story short, their were issues. I threw in the towel and started over.

            Hence my new blog Vegas Photos. But I’m still in the position where once I use the pathetic space allocation I’ll have two options: Delete my own content, or try the greedy $300.00 business plan again.

            Supposedly, WP hosts roughly one third of sites on the web. Frankly, I expect more from a company this large.

  2. This is amazing – your own site !! I hope you are celebrating en una manera muy exotica, con salsa cubana, si estoy mirando estas magnificas fotos 🙂 ! Vamos vamos Ostend Nomad !

    1. Muchas Gracias mi amiga!:). So you speak fluently spanish too, talented lady:)! your mother language is romanian or I am wrong? In these cold wintertimes, we need an exotic touch:)! Glad you like the pictures:)! X stef

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