Monday 9 October, my first footsteps in Zagreb. What to expect? Really don’t know. Mmm, to be honest, yes, hope to see some splendid Street Art creations:)! Nearby my hostel,I stumbled on a large scale mural “The City Waterfall” painted by the local illustrator named Miron Milic.

The location (Petrinjska Ulica 42a)

The City Waterfall

Instagram: Miron Milic

12 thoughts on “The City Waterfall by Miron Milic

    1. Yup! Just checked the “temper tot” murals of Ron English, awesome project. Hope to find more info to be sure if the Zagreb one also is painted by his hand. Thanks for commenting!

    1. I’m glad you like them. Don’t forget to check out my other street art around the world episodes, guess you would like them too:). Thanks for commenting and passing by Bushboy

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