Anther great area to discover  Street Art in Ljubljana is along the Trubarjeva Cesta and the ROG factory (if you explore that area: don’t forget to check the murals on the backside of this huge building on the Petkovškovo nabrežje street).

Murals along the Trubarjeva Cesta (click to enlarge the pictures)

ROG Factory (click to enlarge the pictures)

Backside (Petkovškovo nabrežje) of ROG factory (click to enlarge the pictures)


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20 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Ljubljana (2)

  1. Gone are the days of just one-color/one spray-paint can scribbles of vandalism (maybe not completely gone, but certainly fading away). Most of these are definitely works of art!

      1. Oh, okay. It makes sense that you would only take pictures of the ones showing artistic talent (and some of them have incredible skills!). You take pictures of such beauty, it makes me forget the ugly! 😉

    1. Its written on the murals, and I try to find information about the artists(groups). In the beginning, I just shared the pictures of the street art but now I want to complete the article/blogpost and give more information to my followers.

  2. My coworker has roots in Ljubljana! I’ve never even heard of it til she told me about the place. Thanks for sharing photos!

  3. These photos look like the graffiti that is displayed along the railroad tracks where I live and the cops don’t call it art. They arrest the artist.

  4. Oh, I think I need to cruise this place again with someone who knows how to go about it like yourself. 🙂 I only saw the ones on the outside wall of Rog such as the one on your featured photo. (Did you see my post from there? I was there in January. And you?) The one that makes me laugh is “(Pri)zadet brez žoge” and I’ll explain: There was a campaign against drugs with the slogan “The only drug is the ball” (Edina droga je žoga). The text of this piece translates as “High without a ball”. If you add “pri”, it becomes “impaired without a ball”. Anyway, good to see you had a thorough look. 🙂

  5. Hey, your post comes in such good time for me! I’m a big fav of graffiti and try to photograph them in different cities with my humble skills whenever I can. I’ve never really researched about the artists but this kind of art definitely talks to me. Check out the tag ‘street art’ on my blog 🙂
    And why good time you ask? ‘Cause I’ll be in Ljubljana by the end of this week! That’s for the inspiration, I’ll make sure I find these ones 🤗

  6. Man I really love this stuff! Street Consciousness is so different from Media-imposed Consciousness. The Electronic Media, with the audience’s acquiescence, pumps its sounds and images into our perception…supposedly for “entertainment” purposes. Street art is a more voluntary experience, in that you may choose not to look, or even be in that location at all. It can be more aggressive by far, because it is real, waiting around the corner to jump on you. It’s all the artists’ intentions, whether political or commemoration or humor or whatever. No royalties, no ad revenue. Thanks! I am learning so much.

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