Well, everybody have a kind of wish list/bucket list I suppose? A thing what was high ranked on my ‘list’ was paragliding. And yesterday, finally made it!!!!!!!!! image

Nervous? Not really. Excited? Yes!!! I had the full trust in my  experienced instructor/pilot (tandem flight,of course:) ). He explained me several times all the things what I had to do before the take off, very strict, but it’s all about safety. We flew criss cross like a bird above the soca river and between the hills and mountains, meanwhile the instructor telled me about the mountains, the height (1300m) and surroundings. Every few minutes he asked me that I am ok:), yes! I had a blast!

Really pity that I don’t have a GoPro or special camera to film/photograph the scenery, and playing with my iPhone in the air wasn’t an option too:). Not state of the art pictures in this blogpost but this amazing experience I really wanted to share with you, my loyal followers:)! Is on your bucket list too? Just take the opportunity when possible!

As I am staying in Kobarid (Slovenia), I booked this tandem flight by X Point.

Found on YouTube a nice video, similar flight with same pilot(Dejan).


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26 thoughts on “#Yolo! Flying Like a Bird!

  1. I would be scared to do this, not mine haha. So glad you made it. I am sure you liked it so much. Well done and congratulations! Keep it up! Thanks for posting. Thank you for stopping at my blog, I am very happy that you visited me. Have a nice evening! Juli.

  2. I think I want to try this one day. I mean if I can zipline maybe about isn’t quite as scary? I would probably be nervous like you. I bet it it was so exhilarating!!! Thanks for sharing!! 😊

  3. Awwwesome! I think I want to try paragliding one day. I would probably be nervous like you were but I bet it was such an exhilarating experience! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nel:)! It’s a really exhilarating experience. hope some day you can do such an experience and let us know how it was:). Enjoy your weekend. greets stef

  4. Wow! Paragliding! Congrats to this milestone! It is an attempt I could only admire but not the thing that I dare to do myself….haha…. I have this severe height fright that seems impossible to conquer. Very happy for you! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!:)

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