When we travel, explore  & discover new places… it’s not always about a huge palace, famous squares or mind-blowing landscapes. Before some years, traveling was a rush for me… from this museum to that monument… been there, done that.  Nowadays, I really take the time to soak up in the local street life and see how the locals interact with each other… is  for me, even wonderfull as a colorful sunset (for example).  The picture I wanna share with you today, is a moment that caught my attention when I was walking in a park in Buenos Aires. The interaction between the dog sitter and the dogs, really wonderfull. Pure love. Which picture do you prefer? Black/White or rather the colored photo?

Click to enlarge the picture

Photographed September 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

9 thoughts on “A Dog Sitter in Buenos Aires

  1. The B/W looks like a drawing! Super! love that little doggie on the right trying to disappear through the fence!

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