2017 is just starting out … and took the opportunity to discover some new place. Middle of december, returned  from Chile and back to work… 3days off scheduled(3-5/01/17),excellent!  Working on New Year’s day has advantages:)! An hour searching on the net for cheapy flights (Kevin O’Leary’s Ryanair:) ) and hostels brought me to the second biggest city in Germany: Hamburg! A city trip destination on the rise!

A few hours sleeping, woke up and catched the first train from my city Oostende to Brussels Airport. Very convenience flight, 8.35am departure time and 9.45 arrival time at theHamburg Airport.  The hostel( MAC Hostel) I’ve booked is located in St.George(Hamburg-Mitte), just next to the Berliner Tor S-Bahn stop, and was a good choice! Just before 11am already checked in:)! What I can suggest is purchase a Hamburg card(discounts on museums, tours , transport) on your first day. The loss is 25.5euro but I don’t have to care anymore about transport costs.

When the check in was done… went outside found the a LIDL shop nearby to buy some food, breakfast stuff for the next days… . Since it was raining,joining a free walking tour…  no!  Visit the  Hamburger Kunsthalle became a great alternative. Did my research on the internet before and got interested in the exhibition “Dali, Ernst, Miro, Margritte…” (and  lesser known artists: Carrington, Tanning…) . Finally saw the Campbell’s of Andy Warhol too! The Hamburger Kunsthalle has a huge permanent collection of Modern Art, the Old Masters,Contemporary Art… check this out!

Spend about 2, 5hours in this museum and still raining damn!!!! Got tired, and went for a necessary powernap rest. Let’s hope for better weather tomorrow because OstendNomad wanna join a free walking tour  and explore the street art scene! And in case it’s still raining… some art museums on to do list:)!

Thanks for reading, and maybe tomorrow…. a new “Street Art Around The Globe” episode!

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9 thoughts on “Let's do Hamburg!

  1. If you like street art, I suggest you visit the Sternschanze district. More hobo, more trendy than the city center 🙂
    Blankenese is also a nice area too (if it is not raining haha). You can take the ferry to Teufelsbrück. The ticket is already included in your Hamburg card. Other destinations that you could check out along the Elbe is: Fischmarkt (fish market), Dockland, and of course the newly built Elbphilharmonie. Speicherstadt is also cool but i guess you will visit it during your walking tour 🙂
    Have fun in Hamburg!

    1. Thanks for your advice! Took s-bahn to Sternschanze, continued to Karolinenviertel en finished in st pauli. A Walhalla for street art &streetlife lovers!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and I am pleased to have found yours. Art and photography are my main focus in life so this is good to see. Please forgive me if I don’t always show up here but I currently have massive family demands on my time right now and my online life takes a back seat. Lovely pictures by the way.

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