2 years ago, a befriended couple returned from a 6 months backpacking trip through South America… and my first question was: which place surprised you the most? The street art in the VALPARAISO! In every street, on every corner you’ll see murals! Immediately… my good amigo google images searched for pictures and  Valpo got a high ranking on my bucket list.

Through the years, the more I travelled…. the more i became fascinated about graffiti and murals… .  March 2016 I’ve managed to explore Valparaiso’s street art. U can easily spend 5 days in this seaport city, walking around… and behind every corner you’ll discover street art. Even the agglomeration (Vina Del Mar, Las Dunas de Concon,…) is worth a visit if you wanna get out of the vibrant seaport city.
There are many organized street art tours…. but discover & explore this city on your own tempo is much better, and it’s impossible to wonder all the street art I guess:).

15 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe : Valparaiso (1)

  1. I’m a huge fan of murals and street art. I love the creativity, the size, and the way it gives character to a city or town. It say a lot about the people and changes the ordinary into the extraordinary. 🙂 Thanks for the great photos!

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