WPC: Top 5 Street Art Creations Spotted in 2017

The Weekly Photo Challenge gave us a nice theme:2017 Favorites .  This year, I’ve captured numerous photographs of Street Art. So in this post, my top five Street Art masterpieces I’ve spotted this year on my travels.


1 The first masterpiece is created by the world famous Portuguese artist Bordalo II. The man behind the trash animal. This work ( Guarda-rios) can be seen in the municipal park of Antuã, in Estarreja (Portugal).



Official Website / Instagram Bordalo II


2 Bué The Warrior is a Belgian artist living in Mexico. I was really surprised to see some, of his creations in the streets of Mexico City,and even inside shops and coffee houses:). BuéTheWarrior

Instagram Bué The Warrior


3 One of my favo artists,is for sure the Belgian stencil artist and urban interventionist “Jaune”. Before he worked as garbageman, nowadays he bring the garbagemen to the walls and street of many cities. His figures are fun! This creation can be found in my hometown Oostende (Belgium).


Instagram Jaune


4 The fourth mural I’ve chosen ,is a creation painted by the Croatian muralist “Lonac”. This mural, “Off You Go” can be seen in Sisak (Croatia). Check out my blogpost about Re:Think Sisak (click here).


Instagram Lonac

5 One of the murals that I remember the most of my Mexico trip, is a mural created by the Mexican artist Andrik Noble.


Instagram Andrik Noble



There are so many styles and types of Street Art:  trashcreations, stencils or just the more known painted walls. I was thinking about this post a few days, and to be honest,it’s more difficult then expected. Numerous murals I’ve seen, so many beautiful creations and so difficult to pick 5 favorites. Which one is your favorite?


20 thoughts on “WPC: Top 5 Street Art Creations Spotted in 2017”

      1. I did do a post on street art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico:
        and also there’s some amazing street art in Santiago, Chile. Vancouver now has an annual street art festival and over the next couple months or so I’ll probably go out and photograph some of the best of them. I love that it’s really taking off all over the world as a way to enliven urban spaces.

  1. I love the Mexican mural, especially since mi familia come from Mexico! I wish you a Happy New Year, my Ostend friend! Has anyone mentioned you have epicanthic folds in your eyes like many northern Europeans? I don’t know if mine come from my Viking or Mexican side…

  2. This is actually my last day in Mexico City so I’m going to go out and look for some street art. I haven’t really seen so much here, although I haven’t looked for it either. Definitely like the woman in the last pic.

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