Weekly Photo Challenge: “Shadow”

Shadow(s) it reminds to a picture snapped in the San Pedro de Atacama busstation, the sunny dry northern Chile. It’s a busstation,not a cage:). I prefer my black&white creation, which one do you prefer guys?

San Pedro de Atacama busstation
Colored creation San Pedro de Atacama busstation
San Pedro de Atacama busstation
Black&White creation San Pedro de Atacama busstation

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Shadow””

  1. Both equally pretty but yet totally different emotional connection … I love it! One makes me want to explore the other to sit and ponder… Enjoy the stillness of silence.. 🤗🤗

    1. Well, this time, I have to vote with the black&white. I don’t know why but it makes me think of something that is positively infinite – a nice moment of a day, a romantic encounter in the station…a perfume that is still flying around…It creates a very special atmosphere, in my opinion. Congrats!

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