Weekly Photo Challenge: "Relax"

Relax  is the theme of this week, a theme with various interpretations: sunrise, landscape,familygathering,our pets etc…. . Strolled through my pics, and have chosen 3 what remembered me a relaxed feeling: a lagune in the north of Chile, a sunrise in Ostende(Argentina) and colorful boats in the romantic town Aveiro(Portugal).

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: "Relax"”

    1. Thanks Taphian. Well, the thing is… whenu grew up close to the sea, ocean or a lake… its always gonna be a magnet to you. Thanks for your nice words! Gr stef(ostendnomad)

  1. Yes, I do agree that the sea, when you grew up next to it, it is as you say a magnet… I was born on an island far away and in my blood there are some drops of the sea… Gorgeous photos, well composed, congrats!

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