Every new challenge & chapter in our life is a New Horizon discover something new without knowing if it’s gonna be good or not. Every short getaway ,city trip: we can call discovering new horizons.

6 years ago… some necessary changes has to be done in my life… and started to focus on new targets, horizons and explore things what make me really happy: traveling and photography! Not anymore a life of being the party hero, hangovers etc…

Photography was already long time one of my interests… time to improve that skills?! Value the things what makes me really happy, and discover my creative mind.

My contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge  has a personal touch: being the one who has the camera on familygatherings, friends parties… to the  more creative and exploring side of photography: travel photographs, street photography & night photography.

Few weeks ago a contributor of our local city magazine(Oostende, Belgium) contacted me  and asked me the permission to publish one of my pictures… frontpagepicture! Meanwhile, got already a proposal for an exhibition… More to publish on a bigger platform and not only on social media? Just continue and see what will come…

Discover new horizons, improving creative skills can lead us to more new horizons.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon
Published work in local city magazine

Wanna see more of this night photography serie? Check out Nightphotography: My Hometown Oostende.

More pictures about my city: Goodmorning Oostende! & National Seamen’s Memorial By Night.


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  1. Well done. Congratulations. I hope this new year brings you more opportunities to show your work, and bring you happiness.

    Glad you liked my post, “Specific.” Thanks so much.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine . . .

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