Urbex: Abandoned House

On my way to another urbex location, I found out that there was nearby an abandoned house. So why not have a look inside? It’s just a pity that this  abandoned house is vandalized and the walls are full with graffiti (I prefer personally more the artistic murals:) ). I am not that experienced in Urban Exploring Photography, but was a nice opportunity to gain my skills (also in the post-processing). Location: Trieste region(Italy).

WPC:2017 Favorites/Peek/Weathered


24 thoughts on “Urbex: Abandoned House”

    1. Hi Bob! No didn’t watch inside that small case… I try to not touch and move things and stuff I see on a location. I am not an experienced ‘urbexer’, must gain more balls probably:). Thanks for commenting and have a look in my newest photogallery. Enjoy your weekend:)!

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