Strolling through the streets, look at the people… what are they doing? What are they look at? Grab your camera, and shoot this unique momentum. Fascinating! Picture was shot in Salta, north Argentina(2015).

Can you guess what my next question will be? Yes! What’s the favorite of my followers? Will be great to hear your opinion folks! I go for the Black/White version!

Urban Photoessay: #2

Urban Photoessay #2
Urban Photoessay #2: colored
Urban Photoessay #2
Urban Photoessay #2:Black/White

14 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #2

  1. I agree with the black and white, but I’d be curious to see the cropping with the color. I really love the way you’ve cropped it.

  2. Black & White is my fave. It captures complete & utter, weary resignation. Not patience. And certainly not restful peace, or even joy. Weary resignation. What a life he has led. His stillness is at odds with the women beside him… who also seem to be waiting, but with anticipation.

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